Custom Built Trusses

Load Handling Trusses

Custom Built Trusses for all Types of Applicatons

Your job is extraordinary. Don't use ordinary tools

Two - Crane Truss

custom load handling truss

With Turning Capabilities around a vertical Axis

  • Adjustable center of gravity
  • With a built in Center Bearing to allow for turns

Truss for Velaro AC Removal

6 Joints

Truss for Velaro AC

Converter Truss

Load Handlung Truss for Converters

  • Converter to be picked from the roof section
  • Converter to be lowered to ground level and then tuned by 90°
  • Converter to be put down on a pallet
  • Pick-Up of replacement converter from pallet


For various Applications in the Shop

  • Customizable in all dimensions
  • Loads of up to 300 kg