Trains move us. We move Trains...

Professional Maintenance Bogies from 15 to 60 tons capacity each

Safe, Industry- Leading Design and Robustness

We are Bogies...

Maintenance Bogie Maintenance Bogie

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For Professionals

Maintenance Bogie

The Foundation

Maintenance Bogie

We make 'em tough...

  • Solid Steel Design, built to withstand the daily abuse of your average Railway Shop
  • Models from 15 tons to 60 tons each available
  • With a built in Center Bearing to allow for turns with a Radius of less than 90m
  • With four profiled wheels, optionally available made tool-grade steel
  • Extra low design to pass through gates and doors and to couple on standard height
  • Passes switches and small steps

The Adapter

Choose the adapter which is right for you...

  • Each base can be fitted with a number of adapters, to literally fit anything you throw at them
  • This allows you to adapt to multiple trains and locomotives improving the bottom-line
Maintenance Bogie Adapter

Various Styles...

Jacob Style Maintenance Bogie

Trains come in different styles. So do our Maintenance Bogies. Like this Jacob Style Bogie...

  • Available in all weight classes, and with all options
  • Header Bogies available as well
  • All Bogies maintain coupling height for easier movement

Economy Versions

You do not pass switches and have no turns to manage ?

  • For straight movement only
  • Available in all weight classes and with all options
  • Upgradeable: If your needs change, we can upgrade this unit to a high-end Bogie at a later time
  • Adapter may allow for tilting
Economy Maintenance Bogie

Upliftung thoughts ?

Economy Maintenance Bogie

  • Lift System to lift carriage up by 1.000mm

Feel you are lacking the drive ?

Need an inexpensive way to drive around ?

  • Hydraulic, electric and pneumatic drive options available
  • Optional battery pack and remote control
Maintenance Bogie with Hydraulic Drive